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The publishing industry is so unfair

March 23, 2009

George W Bush is about to write a book (yeah, right) and Sarah Palin gets a $7M advance for her book? I can’t take this! I have so many wonderful, talented clients with important messages to share and they are creating amazing books every day.

Why does celebrity have to rule my industry? Why?

OK – enough crying. What can we do about it? I am looking for phenomenal, creative thought leaders to help redress the balance. You connect me with someone you know that has a great idea for a book, and I will help them get a fabulous plan together, hold their hand through the whole process as they write their excellent book twice as fast as the average first-time author, and together we will make a superb launch and marketing plan to get them the recognition they deserve. I can’t promise they will get a $7M advance (or any advance, in fact). But I can promise that they will have the best possible book they can write at this time and they will make a big splash with it.

Let’s get the REAL thought leaders in this world some results with a hard-hitting book. And I promise to stop crying about the unfairness in the publishing industry…

Lessons from Anthony Robbins Wealth Mastery

March 16, 2009

This past week I was privileged to be a senior leader at the Wealth Mastery event in London. Seeing the amazing presenters and getting a refresher on wealth-building strategies is always great, and this time it was even more exciting as my client Simon Zutshi took the stage for a session on Property. This is the first time Property has been discussed in the UK for a long time and Simon was in his element. He is currently updating some of the information in his bestselling book Property Magic to reflect the current economic climate and lending issues. He is also working on another book.

Personally, I loved helping the 46 people in Team 3 (Prosperous Minds) to have the best possible experience and step into their wealth. It occurred to some of us that wealth really does encompass a lot more than just money, and it is worth thinking about all the areas in our lives that we feel ‘wealthy’, especially at times like these.

Hello from sunny (not) Glasgow

March 4, 2009
With Kenny Harris, President of PSA Scotland Chapter

With Kenny Harris, President of PSA Scotland Chapter

Just before I destroyed the book
Just before I destroyed the book

Oh well. I didn’t come here for the weather. The Everywoman Scotland conference was every bit as good as we hoped. An impressive line-up of speakers plus a very impressive number of businesswomen keen to network and learn. I got some great feedback from the Maximise your Marketing Potential workshop and had some great discussions with aspiring business authors.

Spent a lovely few hours with the magical Charlie Robertson over a vegetarian Indian dinner and managed to discuss a little business in between laughs.

This morning met up with the knowledgeable Ruth Allen (PR) and I remembered just how valuable the Ecademy BlackStar network is. We’re going to get her more involved again because she has so much fantastic wisdom to share.

Just about to meet up with Judy Barber, author of Good Questions!, who assures me there is another book on the way…

And then we are off to the Scotland PSA where I hope to light a fire under a few people’s butts and get them to commit to being REAL Thought Leaders… I’ll report back on any promising candidates…