Today is World Book Day – Should We Celebrate ALL Books?

Today is World Book Day and I want to urge you to use the event as an opportunity to celebrate those books which have most influenced you. Let’s consider all books, rather than relying on publishers with big budgets deciding which books should gain all the glory.

World Book Day is a time to celebrate the beauty of the written word and excellent books, yet why does it increasingly seem to be about which publishing house has the biggest budgets to push out free copies of their predicted bestsellers?

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One Response to “Today is World Book Day – Should We Celebrate ALL Books?”

  1. Jessica Chivers Says:

    Mindy, you are absolutely right about celebrating all kinds of books. I remember reading that the Ya-Ya Sisterhood became big in America through word of mouth and had little marketing budget (and certainly no big push) behind it. I began to raed it and couldn’t see what all the fuss was about. There are other books who’s glory is well deserved (We Need To talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver springs to mind). Of course it all comes down to personal taste. As a child and teenager I remember the pleasure I got from sharing books with my father and looking back isn’t it wonderful that some things can have such wide appeal? I write an annual reading list for myself and leave room for new things that crop up in that year. The UK publishes more books per head than anywhere else in the world and I adore that fact, although not the sad reality that is that I will never read everything that piques my interest.

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